In exploring the space that is around us it is important to be not only aware of the potential that the space holds, but also to gain awareness of what is already within the space. In this case our attention is drawn to the environment created by sound, to later be developed in the terms of how sound can affect us as human beings.

The project concept works on three key points, the first being the technical elements – sensors to monitor sound levels and send/store the data. The second is mapping out the data in relation to the areas traversed, to establish locations of higher noise pollution and to identify more preferable areas of quieter sound levels. The final key point is what we hope to finish on with the project, which is the element of gamification/personal mental health. To explore our final key element we want to create a dialogue between the technology and the wearer – as one would be allowed only so much exposure to certain radiations, the wearer should limit their exposure to certain levels of environmental noise pollution. The gamification elements constructed within this concept are still in development and conceptual stages.

To achieve this concept we intend to utilise the Lilypad Arduino, which is something that neither of us has touched on or dabbled with before, which is quite exciting. The Lilypad will enable us to attach the technology to clothing and materials, allowing it to go out into the field and achieve the project we are setting out to do.

What is interesting to consider is how we are intending to make both a piece of clothing and the immaterial “travelling” – the path which is walked and has been traversed in both present and past tenses – blogjects. Where the clothing becomes a blogject of data moving through the space, the route taken becomes a blogject in its own right through the clothing. In such a way the clothing is given a sense of deterministic agency, discovering in its own right statuses of sound and noise pollution around it and the wearer.


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