Why Decibear?

We have finally come up with a name for our project: Decibear!!
We came up with this name because we have also finally chosen a scarf to become our blogject:


The bear idea came as a bit of a joke to be honest, we liked the idea of having ears on our scarf because we’re sensing sound, and we thought it may be a good idea to have pockets on it in case we do have to end up using Karla’s mega board instead of lilypad.

To come up with the name, we then just thought up words to do with sound (i.e. decibel) and merged it! 🙂


Our scarf should be here between next Monday and Wednesday, so should be good timing to stay on track with our schedule and have it stitched in by the end of next week. Today isn’t going as well on track at the moment, as we can’t get hold of Chris to actually get the rest of the kit, and Karla’s kit relies on the breadboard and so doesn’t have the correct cables.



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