Lilypad problems

We finally got our lilypad from Chris who had been off sick for a while, which delayed our targeted progress by a few days, but no matter, we still had 3 weeks.

We laid out all the kit and looked through everything, as Karla hasn’t used much arduino at all before, and I am pretty solid on the coding side, but always get confused by how to physically plug the things in (I’m always terrified of blowing things up!)

One thing became obvious pretty quickly, we were going to have problems with the lilypad. Firstly we didn’t have the right USB cable to connect it, but that was’t a big deal, the main problem was the amount of wires that would have to come off the thing to connect everything up. Even with soldering, that amount of connections would not be very portable at all, and we were also having trouble trying to work out how to connect the GPS module to it, although we knew it must have been done before as the point of the lilypad was to be portable.

In the end, just for progress sake, we started out using Karla’s Mega, we thought it a good idea because we could make the connections stronger as we could use proper wires rather than conductive thread, with soldering or just electrical tape if necessary too. Her board also came with a lovely little plastic box to keep it in, so we thought that would help with portability as well. To be honest though, the main reason was just so we could get the ball rolling and start getting something done!!

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