Mormor Ingrid

I was researching to see what other cool projects people have done using arduino sound sensors, and I couldn’t find that many to be honest, it seems sound isn’t an area that’s too well explored.

I found one project though, called Mormor Ingrid, that was just too creepy not to share!

The website says it combines ‘the classic arts of sculpted busts and sketchbook drawings’ with projection mapping, and adds it’s interactivity through slapping a surface monitored by an arduino sound sensor. The sound input then controls which sketchbook style drawings are projection-mapped onto the bust, and the effect is really freaky. Watch the video for yourself really, see what I mean:


I’m not sure if there’s really anything we can draw from this project for inspiration, we’re taking ambient background sound, and this project uses sound as an interaction method, but I was really drawn into the project, so I thought I would share it, and see if maybe we can take any aspects from it to make people equally drawn into ours?

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