Time is running out….

Realtime is finally over, and I can now focus entirely on Everyware, although I’ve got the post-deadline illnesses as usual to fight through now!

We’re working on getting the scarf part set up today, I’d like to have the system take a reading from the sound sensor every 3 minutes, add this to the accumulative sound score, and light up LEDs if this score goes above certain levels.

I’ve started by looking into how to put the arduino into some sort of idle mode so it uses as little power as possible while it isn’t required to sense anything. Helpfully though, the arduino website is down until at least 3pm today, so I’m having to try and find clues on other websites.

I found this one on RocketScream which looks really promising, and really easy to use. I worked on top of their ‘powerDownWakePeriodically’ script to write my functionality, but I am still yet to get it to compile with the powerDown code in there. I guess we could do periodic readings with a delay or something, but it would be good to have lower power usage as we’re running off battery.

Karla and I have chosen some ‘safe’ accumulative sound levels to compare our readings to, so we plan to light up a red warning LED if you’ve been exposed to over 85db over an 8 hour period, because that’s really bad for your health, and then we’ll light up a few green ones at various stages on the way to that (probably 45db and 65db, seems nice and even!)

We need to do two things to this though, we need to work out how to translate the sounds we’ve taken over a certain time period to the 8hr time period for comparison, and work out how the sound numbers we’re getting from our sensor compare to decibels.

Karla has a sound app on her phone which works in decibels, so we’re comparing readings from that to work it out.


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