A mess of wires

This is the current state of our set up – a mixture of sensor, wifly, wires (more organised than they look) and LEDs.

Our project has developed through the limitations and freedoms of our discoveries, between finding ways and incompatibilities with different parts of kit and thinking new ways to do things to improve upon the original concept. We’d like to give the final result a more immediate response to the data it is discovering, and we’ve removed the idea of using GPS due to the want to completely avoid any privacy concerns. Thus, we’ve rearranged our ideas for output and as such expect that the hat-scarf-bear will have three “claws” on one paw comprised of three LEDs, two green – for good and manageable levels of sound – and one red, for determining and warning of dangerous levels of sound or noise in the immediate area.
We’re also intrigued by the idea of linking the bear up to a twitter feed, so that we can not only share/broadcast this information but encourage other people to find ways of using the data, as well as ourselves. The purpose of the decibear is to raise awareness after all, and while the awareness in concept may be unique to the individual wearer, online it can become the awareness of many more, even if in a secondary state.


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