I feel we’ve both worked really hard on this project, I hope the product shows that, but the blog definitely does!
I guess though that we have to split the project down into roles to help with marking, although it’s really difficult in our case as we’ve both done pretty much everything, so I’m listing us down as the lead, in that that person took the biggest role, but the other will have done some of it as well!

Lead Researcher – Karla
Lead Coder – Lizzie
Lead CD-compiler – Karla
Lead blog (site)-creator – Lizzie
Lead kit-babysitter – Karla
Lead optimist – Lizzie
Lead Saunders-negotiator – Karla
Lead swearer-at-computers – Lizzie

We both came up with the ideas together as a long process of bouncing the craziest things we can think of against our skill set. And also against Mike Blow, so thanks for some project ideas go to Mike too. And thanks to Will Skates for his midnight help with a php script to send stuff to twitter.


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