Post Presentation

Despite losing an LED during the presentation set up overall it went really well. (I said environment way too much)

The questions that we were asked were both informative of our product and presenting, concerning both the technical elements that we had dismissed in our development as well as queries pushing the importance of sound and how people would react in an environment that increases focus on the awareness of the sound environment.

One question that was slightly out of field was a query of volumes by motorways. Naturally this is in an area of unknown or unspecified factors, sound insulation, building materials, sheltering, which changes the reception of sound itself. Being aware of the environment in relation to sound also means being aware of it in terms of location and what that area comprises of. Different materials provide different levels of insulation against the elements, sound inclusive.
The first step to bettering the environment you’re in may start with being aware of sound, but continues with the investigation and maturing of the environment through your influence.

That said the decibel values for living by a motorway, unabsorbed by plantlife, barriers or otherwise, would be very high, and well beyond recommendable exposure levels for a few hours.

Presentation Reflection

I think it went really well.

I was terrified it would stop working, even though I had tested it 4 times this morning, twice in the room and in the scarf, but technology is never reliable enough for an important presentation!

It didn’t though, we didn’t get high enough levels for the LEDs to be lit, but it was sending it’s data away happily to twitter, which I was so relieved about!! We didn’t get many questions, so I’m going to assume that’s because we explained everything well in the presentation 😉

One question that was interesting was whether we thought decibear really would change people’s behaviour. I’m not sure it would to be honest, but I have to say that just wearing something, even for testing, that I know is listening to ambient sounds, really did increase my awareness to them. Not sure it would be enough to change my route to uni on a cold day, but I definitely was more aware.


So, just one more lose end, here’s a link to the final code in the blog (slightly different from the last one copied to here):


Aaaaand we’re done!! So long Decibear, it’s been fun!